Hockey: Columnist takes cheap shot at Danton, Saint Mary's

Taking a run at someone who is trying to re-start his life and the people who honestly wish to help him, that's what journalism's all about. Well-done, Toronto Sun:
"Considering the history, this just doesn't seem appropriate: Mike Danton is living with his coach at Saint Mary's University."
Just pointing this out probably gives it more attention than it is worth. One riposte is that point out David Frost is not deserving of being placed under the heading "coach," so the joke falls on its face right there. This also comes after a real side-splitter about how the NHL couldn't give more than $100,000 to Haitian earthquake relief because "it had already donated millions to another natural disaster: The Phoenix Coyotes."

That's where you want to grab someone by the lapels and say, "Really? Thousands of people died!" The upshot is cheap-joke-making cynics such as that are on the way out in the sportswriting game. They still have the biggest bullhorn, but it won't be that way much longer.
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1 comment:

  1. Well, what do you expect?
    It's Steve Simmons after all.
    In just one sentence, he not so subtly infers some comparison between
    David Frost and Trevor Steinberg, where there is clearly none.
    Steinberg is a decent and honorable man, Frost is one the hockey world's most notorious predators.
    To even suggest some sort of similarity between these two disparate individuals
    only demonstrates a depth of ignorance on the part of Mr. Simmons
    that I previously thought was not possible.