Movers and shakers ...

Well, at least they mentioned Marg McGregor's name: There was some CIS representation on The Globe & Mail's list of the 50 most powerful people in Canadian sport, although it wasn't exactly complimentary:
"28. Doug Mitchell If anyone can influence progress in Canadian Interuniversity Sport it is the chair of the BLG awards honouring collegiate athletes, sponsor of UBC's Thunderbird Sports Centre, part-owner of the Calgary Stampeders and former CFL commissioner.

" ... 49. David Murphy By taking Simon Fraser University into the NCAA, the senior athletic director is challenging Marg McGregor and the CIS to respond with a strategy – beyond status quo – to stop further defections."
The G&M has had a real bone to pick with university sports lately, hasn't it?

Detroit Red Wings and Canadian Olympic men's hockey team coach Mike Babcock, a McGill alumnus, and Vancouver Canucks GM Mike Gillis, who coached Queen's in the mid-1980s and also took his law degree there, were Nos. 14 and 30 respectively.
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  1. Bob McCown summed this article up perfectly, IMO...
    "What a waste of trees!".