This Weekend In MUBL: Feb. 19 and Feb. 20

Our daily look at the final-week showdown between Alex Tourigny and Neate Sager. Through Friday, Alex is winning 5-2-1.

Here are today's active players.

Laurier at Brock (3pm ET)
Max Allin (Tourigny)

Dalhousie at Acadia (8pm AT)
Owen Klassen (Sager)

Concordia at McGill (8pm ET)
Simon Bibeau (Tourigny)

Laval at Bishop's (8pm ET)
Jean-Fran├žois Beaulieu-Maheux (Tourigny)

Lakehead at Western (8pm ET)
Andrew Wedemire (Sager)

Saskatchewan at Calgary (8pm MT)
Jamelle Barrett (Sager)
Rejean Chabot (Tourigny)

UBC at Victoria (7pm PT)
Ryan McKinnon (Tourigny)

Brandon at UFV (7pm PT)
Sam Freeman (Sager)

There is also one game tomorrow of some MUBL import:

Dalhousie at Acadia (4pm AT, Sunday)
Owen Klassen (Sager)
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  1. Is Sager following the purple pony around again?

    Jez, isn't it a little late for a Queen's man to be having second thoughts?

    The Occationally Rightous Happy Slide

  2. Neate needs the following out of Owen Klassen today (the Acadia game is about half over) to win:

    - At least 22 points per 40 minutes
    - At least 4 three-pointers
    - 59% or better on foul shooting (or, better yet, no foul shots at all)
    - At least 8 steals

  3. Other than the steals that's totally doable.

  4. Not holding my breath, congratulations M. Tourigny.

  5. Sure enough, the steals didn't happen, and neither did the threes. Neate wins 6-2, and ironically wins the season series 9-7, but Season 2 of MUBL goes to les hommes de Alexandre Tourigny.