Men's Basketball: X and Tigers operating in top 10

Each Tuesday, we'll take a look at the CIS men's hoops rankings and analyze the movement of the nation's best teams.

(Official CIS rankings; RPI standings)


No. 9 Dalhousie: The Tigers find themselves back in the top-10 after a signature weekend that saw them trounce divisional rivals St. FX 90-70 (thanks to 31 big points from Simon Farine) and roll over UNB 88-54. The Tigers have now clinched second place in the AUS, and thanks to coming together to play more consistently, now look like a bigger threat to Cape Breton than do no. 7 X, who have dropped both of their decisions to Dal this year.

Speaking of X, I must not understand the AUS very well. When Team A has beaten Team B twice, has clinched a spot higher in the playoffs, and has won more 4-point games, shouldn't it be ranked higher? That's what's happened to Dalhousie and St. FX. Now, I wouldn't have expected Dal to enter the top-10 at no. 7 or higher. So what does that say about St. FX's ranking then?

This isn't so much to me about how good Dalhousie is, but more about the puzzling respect Steve Konchalski's X-Men get every week. Perhaps it's because there aren't that many good teams outside the top-10 to replace them. Perhaps it's because they've stayed afloat with injury problems (but then again who hasn't). Perhaps it's their strong RPI. Whatever it is,though, X have arguably gotten away with more losses and questionable performances than any other Top-10 team.


No. 10 Windsor Lancers: The Lancers' four game skid was brutal. But at least Isaac Kuon appears to have extricated himself from a slump, averaging 33.5 points in two games last week. As of right now, I think it's hard to differentiate between this team and Laurier, with the nod currently going to Windsor courtesy their 77-67 win last weekend. Their coming matchup this Saturday could potentially be for second place in the conference.

NR - Laurier Golden Hawks: The Hawks succumbed last week to what is known as the OUA West syndrome. I don't mean to say this is the best division in the country, but with so many good teams, it's hard to put a winning streak together. Put it this way; Guelph has beaten two pretty good teams in Mac and Windsor on the road, and they sport a lovely 7-11 record.

The Hawks have three guys in Kale Harrison, Max Allin and Pat Donnelly who can really fill it up, as well as a bunch of solid role players. They'll need a lot from each if they want to break out of the nightmare division they reside in.


U of S Huskies star Jamelle Barrett set the school record for assists last weekend.

The Huskies, as well as last year's guard Mike Linkater, were also awarded with some props from the Saskatoon sports community.

Windsor coach Chris Oliver says he hopes the win over Laurier restores his team's confidence.

The UBC Thunderbirds are cruising along - right where Kevin Hanson wants them.

Gary Kingston of the Vancouver Sun checks in with the two powerhouse teams of the area.

Wayne Thomas updates us on the three top teams in Canada West and how they "mean business."

Cape Breton's Paris Carter dropped a lot of treys. [Ed. note: Groan. -RP] He also took 20 of them. When you're on, you're on. 46 points is nothing to sneeze at.

St FX's Charlie Spurr, who went 1-for-7 in 19 minutes in a crucial loss to Dalhousie. They needed more from the fifth year guard in this one.

  1. Carleton - Can overcome the big obstacle to undefeatedness this weekend in Toronto.
  2. UBC - On. A. Roll.
  3. Saskatchewan - The Dogs continue to howl.
  4. Cape Breton - the Jimmy Dorsey injury is very concerning.
  5. Trinity Western - The last of the clear top-5 teams. Could easily be higher, too.
  6. Lakehead - Got a wakeup call from Waterloo last week.
  7. Windsor - That win over Laurier was huge.
  8. Laurier - The third part of the OUA West big three.
  9. Dalhousie - Are getting hot at the right time.
  10. McGill - Even though Laval and Concordia have appeared the most here, I'm not sure McGill isn't the best team.
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  1. The headline is mine, a tortured attempt to reference an Apple operating system. Too bad Mac isn't in the top 10...

  2. I too, wonder why X is always given such an inordinate amount of respect, whether it is deserved or not.
    The X-Men, though, had better win their way into Halifax by at least finishing second in the AUS tournament because if they think they'll be considered for a wild card berth, they are sadly mistaken.