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Our Justin McElroy has the latest on UBC's attempts to move to the NCAA, something UBC Athletics have been advocating "for much of last decade." (The Ubyssey)


Money quote from outgoing Windsor coach Mike Morencie: "I can't say anything else right now but, as soon as I can, I'll have a whole bunch to say." And from Bob Boucher, Human Kinetics dean: "It's the eight months not coaching that really determines how successful you are in the four months you are coaching." Echoes of Andrew's recent argument about recruiting.

The rest of the piece has a lot of info, including extended thoughts from QB and local product Austin Kennedy. It doesn't mention Gary Etcheverry, but this Bob Duff column does. (One Windsor newspaper)

Here are the goods on the Carabins' new weight room from Deux Fans, who are feeling guilty about all this physical fitness talk "on the eve of scarfing junk food during the Super Bowl." (


Regina's in the playoffs after being predicted to finish 10th or lower in a conference of 13. Lots of good stuff from coach James Hillis here, including, "we still can finish anywhere from third to eighth. If we lose out, we'll finish eighth. We don't want to finish eighth. We'd really like to get fourth or, if not fourth, fifth. We'd love to avoid playing one of the top five teams in the country in the first round." (The Leader-Post)

Four games in six days now for Chantal ValleĆ©'s Lancers: "We see this as a great challenge. It’s like nationals where you play three games in four days. One of our strengths is our depth so we’re not too worried." Chris Oliver's men are just hoping to shoot 40 per cent for a change. (One Windsor newspaper)


Everyone's doing an all-star draft now. Maybe those NHL people are on to something, eh? (Ravens Hockey Live)

The Cougars' women's team isn't going to change things around, says their coach Sarah Hodges, after being eliminated from the playoffs: "The biggest thing this team needs to learn is how to win. I don't think fiddling around (with the lines) and things like that are going to help us with that. Losing perpetuates losing. We want to win." (The Leader-Post)

And the men's team at Regina is alive, though not by much, in their playoff run. (The Leader-Post)
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