Linking the country ... Meeting Carleton and Ottawa halfway, in a good way


Ravens Hockey Live has a scoop (I think it's a scoop, anyway) on a possible outdoor game between the Ravens and Gee-Gees. Possibly on the Rideau Canal eventually. Oh my. I should label this post with "Getting Your Hopes Up Tremendously". Can we make this happen? (Ravens Hockey Live)


Nobody can resist the Martlets, says Serge Vleminckx. "On était venu épier les faits et gestes de Marie-Ève Martin, on a plutôt eu droit à une électrisante performance de Nathalie Larocque." The "electrifying performance" by the NCAA transfer (from one of those directional Michigans) included 21 points and five threes. (Rue Frontenac)

The first comment after this article kind of makes me want to agree with it, rather than the article (which doesn't have a byline, yet uses "I"). There is, admittedly, an argument to be made that "losing Boris Bakovic was the best thing that could have happened to Ryerson basketball" because it is somewhat difficult to build around him, but this isn't it. (The Eyeopener)

Darren Zary profiled the Huskies' backcourt of Jill Humbert, Katie Miyazaki and Kim Tulloch. Miyazaki's Twitter response: "We may be key pieces, but the rest of team is the glue!" (The Star-Phoenix)
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