Calculated Reactions: Another look at RPI risers and fallers

This time around, we'll look at who has risen (or fallen) the most since the last time we did this (Jan. 18). Teams must have started in the top half (if falling) or entered the top half (if rising). No men's volleyball or women's hockey teams made the cut.


Saskatchewan, men's basketball (+9)
Then: 13th
Now: 4th

Worrying about their weak schedule was needless, since they beastin' through everyone now, losing only once to TWU. They won all their other games--including against Regina, their first-round opponent, whom they will likely handle without much difficulty Friday and Saturday.

Western, men's basketball (+10)
Then: 29th
Now: 19th

They won a road playoff game last night, but that's not the only reason they're up 10 spots: they also beat Laurier and Lakehead in the last month or so. They'll get another chance to beat the Thunderwolves on Saturday, because they're going to Thunder Bay for an OUA quarterfinal.

Lethbridge, men's hockey (+14)
Then: 29th
Now: 15th

This has been quite the turnaround for the Pronghorns. Our Evan Daum described it as such: "For the second year in a row Greg Gatto has his team knocking on the playoff door and despite some rough spots along the way - including missing Scott Bowles for a long stretch at the start of the season - Lethbridge has proved they can play with anyone. If the Pronghorns can make it to the postseason they'll prove to give their opposition all they can handle, playing a wide open style that can make high scoring upsets possible."

They'll need a point or two against Calgary this weekend to make the playoffs. If they do, their ranking will increase even more.

St. F-X, women's basketball (+13)
Then: 25th
Now: 12th

Six wins, including two over UNB and one over Acadia that featured their "best half of the season", have put the X-Women in third place in the AUS and among the also-receiving-votes teams in the top 10.


McMaster, men's basketball (-10)
Then: 12th
Now: 22nd

Mac's problems have been well-documented by our Brian Decker over at the Sil. Their first game after we remarked that they were up near the top 10 was the one with Scott Brittain's season- (career-?)ending injury. And last night, their season ended at home with UWO dealing them a playoff loss.

Toronto, men's basketball (-9)
Then: 7th
Now: 16th

Losing three in a row to Carleton, Ottawa, and Ryerson won't help the ol' W-L record--and aside from Carleton, won't help the strength-of-schedule rating either. They also played the rest of the OUA East, further dragging down the SOS, and lost to Queen's at home. To Queen's. At home.

Lakehead, men's hockey (-9)
Then: 12th
Now: 21st

The Thunderwolves (not the GGOD[T]s, though I'm sure the hockey team is full of good people) fooled a few of us. Just check out their results, starting on Jan. 21:

W vs. Brock, L vs. Brock, L at Guelph, OTL at Guelph, L vs. York, OTW vs. York, OTL at Waterloo, W at Waterloo

And then we enter the playoffs:

L 5-0 at Waterloo
L 3-0 vs. Waterloo

That? Is not good. No wonder the "12" RPI ranking flipped to a "21."
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