Men's basketball: The Manitoba, UFV, Calgary tiebreaker case

Depending on how tonight's and tomorrow's games go, any one of the Bisons, Cascades, and Dinos could finish anywhere from 7th to 9th.

And in Canada West this year, finishing 7th or 8th is slightly worse than finishing 9th, in that you have to play two more games before being eliminated, and if you're not UFV, have to suffer through air travel to do so. (I jest.)

(Note: the following scenarios should all be correct unless I have totally messed up the tiebreakers while waiting for the spring rolls to cook. It happens.)

The only way Manitoba doesn't make the playoffs is if they lose both at Regina, UFV wins both vs. Brandon, and Calgary wins at least one against Saskatchewan. Otherwise they're in and they have to travel to B.C. in the first round.

Calgary's in if they win both -- not likely, granted -- or if they win one and Brandon beats UFV at least once. A Saskatchewan sweep knocks out the Dinos.

UFV's the team with the least control over where they finish. Two wins could put them 7th, 8th, or 9th. Sweeps all around leave the Cascades out, as do 2-0 weekends from UFV and Calgary.
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  1. None of the 'Bottom 9' have shown any glimmer against the 'Big 3' in Canada West. So, other than the accomplishment of making the playoffs, it would seem a lot like the proverbial 'prolonging the punishment' for the 7th and 8th place clubs to engage in a best of 3 series against either UBC or Trinity Western.
    By all means 'fight the good fight', but the discrepancy in power from 1 to 8 and 2 to 7 is an extremely wide chasm. And, by the way, Jamelle Barrett is ridiculously good ! He changes a reasonable team like Saskatchewan to a top contender with his scoring, floor direction, distribution, and thievery. POY in Canada West ... can't really imagine anyone better in the country, but the coaches will vote.

  2. As a TWU fan, I can't wait to pound UFV twice at the LEC. Further redemption for last year.