Bracketology: Consensus on top four

This week, all of our panelists -- except Bucholtz, who likes to file within 30 seconds of his deadlines -- put Carleton, UBC, Cape Breton, and Saskatchewan in the top four. This is almost necessary given the restrictive bracket rules this year.

Not much else has changed, since the top teams have generally done what's expected so far, but that may not be the case after we get into the conference playoffs (which start for OUA and Canada West this week).

Click through (and then on) for our panel's second guesses at the Final 8 seedings:

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  1. Mea culpa ... missed the deadline. We must, however, question several of you mis-guided pundits who ranked Dal or St. FX in front of Trinity Western. The Spartans are 21-3, and, believe me, they are much more prepared for playoffs and 1st trip in their history to Nationals.
    I'm in next week, and thanks for lincluding an interloper from Canada West !

    Wayne Thomas
    Dinos Hoops News - Calgary

  2. Carleton would be doing themselves a favor by losing in the OUA final 4 to eliminate one of the can west teams by taking the wildcard.