Men's Basketball: Capers finally in top 5, GGOD[T]s close behind

Each Tuesday, we'll take a look at the CIS men's hoops rankings and analyze the movement of the nation's best teams.

(Official CIS rankings; RPI standings)


No. 5 Cape Breton: For many followers of CIS hoops, it's about time the Capers moved inside the top-5. They've been getting better all year and have won seven in a row, including wins over their two closest rivals. But for anyone who has even taken a glimpse at the AUS this year, it's about time they move ahead of St. FX (who fell to no. 5). Barring a bizarre collapse, the men in orange should earn the top seed in the AUS Tournament and have separated themselves from the X-Men in the standings. Haters gon' hate.

No. 6 Lakehead Thunderwolves: One week after finding themselves back in the top-10, the Thunderwolves made the jump to becoming the OUA West's top squad with an impressive weekend sweep of the Windsor Lancers. Head coach Scott Morrison says he wants to make sure his team doesn't get too comfortable, but with a squad that went to nationals last year and is just starting to build up some momentum, I don't think anyone would feel too comfortable about meeting up with the GGOD[T]s any time in the playoffs.


No. 7 St. FX X-Men: Now that X has fallen down to no. 7 and below Cape Breton, I think it's time for me to stop hating on their inflated ranking so much. Yes, they lost to UNB last weekend and have been simply outclassed by division rivals more frequently than any other team in the top-10. But I think what's kept them up high all year is the fact that this is a team that is very dangerous if it gets healthy and gets its act together. Until they do exactly that, however, they'll keep falling.

No. 9 Windsor Lancers: It's officially head-scratching time in the City of Roses. Now, losing to Lakehead twice isn't hard to do, and losses to McMaster and Brock on their home floors when both teams likely had a target pinned on the the Lancers' backs is understandable. But the fact that all four of those losses have happened so suddenly and Windsor hasn't come up with a big response game has to be concerning for Chris Oliver and co. It's worth noting that they could easily have won each of those games with even average performances from Isaac Kuon, whose shooting has been colder of late than most of Southern Ontario will be after tonight's mega storm.


TWU Spartans coach Scott Allen calls the Saskatchewan Huskies' duo of Rejean Chabot and Jamelle Barrett a "world of trouble."

The good folks at the Charlatan assess Tyson Hinz's pretty darn good season so far. They also made a cool cover, as they often do up in Ottawa.

The Langley Advance has a pretty sweet photo gallery of the epic Spartans-Huskies battle from last weekend.

Alberta's Jordan Baker went for 31 points, 24 rebounds and six assists an 83-49 win over Winnipeg. Beastin'.

Last week, Windsor's Isaac Kuon crafted a 1-for-15 gem versus Brock. He got a little better this week, going 1-for-14 and scoring two whole points against Lakehead in a critical 77-66 loss.

  1. Carleton - The Ravens are on cruise control right now.
  2. UBC - We'll see how the T-Birds respond to a test from 10-6 Regina this weekend.
  3. Cape Breton - The hottest team in the country. Except Carleton, they don't count.
  4. Saskatchewan - A pretty even match between these guys and the Spartans, no?
  5. Trinity Western - The winning streak is over. Can they pick up where they left off?
  6. Lakehead - Have the OUA West momentum. Will it carry through to March?
  7. Alberta - I'd like to see what Jordan Baker can do for these guys in the playoffs.
  8. St. FX - This team needs to turn around - and quick.
  9. Laurier - Will the tough OUA West wear them down?
  10. Laval - The QUBL tops right now.
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