Five to Ponder: A prairie tough matchup for hoops Huskies; a Laurier team tries to beat Windsor (see what I did there?)

1. Laurier 67 at Windsor 77 (men's basketball)

On a skid, off the rails ... however you want to put it the Lancers have lost four in a row coming in to this weekend, most recently because "their guard play was sloppy, their shooting inconsistent, and they couldn't defend the three" against Guelph in their 97-94 OT loss Thursday.

This game helped turn that around for Windsor: though they only shot 37%, the Hawks were under 30, with Kale Harrison and Max Allin combining for 11-on-41.

A ten-point between teams currently tied for second is huge: Windsor likely won't catch Lakehead, and only have to lose by nine next Saturday (or, you know, win again) to stay ahead of Laurier should they remain tied.

2. Calgary 3-3 at Manitoba 0-0 (men's volleyball)

As noted frequently here, this Dinos team keeps winning. They've lost just nine sets in those 14 games. Next week they play Alberta (who are in second place rather than the Bisons' third) but this is their last road series of the season.

Game 1 was another three-set win. .310 vs .105? Ouch. Game 2, more of the same, but at least Manitoba pushed them to 26-24 in each of the last two sets.

3. Alberta 73-75 at Saskatchewan 98-88 (men's basketball)

Probably the toughest test these Huskies will face before playoffs, with home-court advantage for the first round in their sights. And this is more like it: 98-73, including 32 in the first quarter. Five Huskies hit double digits and they grabbed 16 of 39 rebounds in the offensive zone (compared to the Bears' 3 of 32). In Saturday's game, Jamelle Barrett had 30 on 16 shots, Rejean Chabot had 22 on 17, and Nolan Brudehl scored 23 on 12 and added 13 boards.

I spent a couple of minutes trying to figure out the Canada West standings (men's and women's) before deciding to hide under some blankets until Saturday's games are over.

4. McGill 0 at Carleton 3 (men's hockey)

The rematch. Ravens Hockey Live has the breakdown. It's also "the first time in the team’s existence" that alcohol was served during the game ... selling beer to hockey fans, now there's a radical idea.

5. Windsor 0 at Laurier 6 (women's hockey)

That, uh, wasn't supposed to happen. Jamie Tessier lasted just 20 minutes.

Honourable mention: Laurier at Guelph (men's hockey), either of UNB's games against St. F-X or Saint Mary's, several other games I have probably overlooked.
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  1. Hard fought UNB-StFX hockey game in Antigonish last night. Not the most consistent officiating -- after allowing scrum after scrum to happen after whistles, and missing lots of behind the play stuff, the ref decided in the third period to start calling the marginal penalties and then a mystery call late in the period to give "X" a two-man advantage, on which they scored. UNB still won 2-1, but there was all sorts of "message sending" going on throughout the game. It won't be pretty if these two teams meet again in the playoffs.

    UNB head coach Gardiner MacDougall picked up his 200th career victory ... that didn't seem to take long.

  2. Lakehead 65, Waterloo 79 is not at all what I was expecting out of the GGOD[T]s or their opponents. The score is a little misleading but not really: Thunderwolves, once they were down five or six near the end, seemed to give up and let things get out of hand to the tune of a 14-point loss. I would be very surprised if they didn't win decisively tonight.

    Lakehead's losses are against U of T, Carleton, Laurier, and Waterloo. One of those does not fit with the others.

  3. Also worth noting: Waterloo's Tim Rossy has 88 points (on 54 shots) in his last four games, compared to 75 points (on 73 shots) in his first 13 games.