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It's the "last game in Main Gym history" at the U of A. (Dinos Hoops News; The Gateway)

Dueling Saskatchewanian previews from Darren Zary and Ian Hamilton, on the Cougars-Huskies home-and-home which began last night. (The Star-Phoenix; The Leader-Post)

And here's a Thursday recap from Hamilton. Saskatchewan won 67-66 in the women's game, and the men's game score isn't worth mentioning. (The Leader-Post)

Windsor's teams won both Wednesday games over Waterloo, by a combined 78 points. (Windsor Star)

A profile of UBC's Brent Malish who had the game of his life last Saturday (or at least a really good game). Of course he sat on my MUBL bench at the time. (Little Man on Campus)

The GGOD[T]s have their last home games of the season this weekend, with at most one to come in the playoffs. (Lakehead Basketball)

Shorter Chris Oliver: We want playoff games at home. (Windsor Star)


Evan Daum, whose name sounds familiar, reports on the Bears' "new line combinations" following their "longest losing streak in more than a decade." It's only three games, but when you're the U of A, "three _____ in a row" is usually filled in with "wins." (The Gateway)

Still with the U of A, the Huskies know it's a big series this weekend--and so do the Bears. (The Star-Phoenix)

Bill Hunt comes to the defence of Mike Eagles, who "will probably be coaching the Tommies men's hockey team for the last time" tomorrow night. (The Daily Gleaner)


By no means was yesterday's piece the gold standard on AFAs, but it's quite amusing that the two-bit, low-rent, unpaid blogger did some original work, and the paid staff at a daily newspaper rewrote a press-release, then added a byline. Good effort. (St. Catharines Standard, sort of)
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