Football: Waterloo scores funds for field

It would be remiss not to point out there is news about the Waterloo Warriors' new football field. It looks like they will play on grass for one more season.
"UW bagged $1.2-million in taxpayer money this week for upgrades to its year-old makeshift Warrior Field, including a permanent 1,400-seat grandstand, artificial turf and lighting.

While the entire university stands to benefit, along with community user-groups, the biggest beneficiary is the field's prime tenant, UW's football team.

"After flirting with greatness in the 1990s (Where are you Tuffy Knight?), the gridiron Warriors have lumbered through seven consecutive losing seasons.

"... Construction on UW's permanent grandstand is to begin shortly and will be completed in time for the home opener, on Sept. 12, when the Ottawa Gee-Gees visit.

The artificial turf, which will cost about $1 million, and the lights are expected to be installed some time next year."
Laurier also got a cool million to keep its swimming pool open, so it was good week all-around for the neighbouring schools.

Gridiron Warriors better improve to justify field costs (Christine Rivet, Kitchener-Waterloo Record)
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