Basketball: Coaching change at Ryerson

Well, in keeping with what a couple of commenters have said, Ryerson is in the market for a new men's basketball coach. Glenn Taylor is out.

The Rams finished fourth in the OUA East last season and were upset 71-69 by York in the first round of the playoffs. There is a lot of upside with the program beyond the presence of fourth-year forward Boris Bakovic, who has been one of the country's best bigs since the day he arrived. Ryerson has been kind of a sleeping giant sports-wise, and AD Ivan Joseph would like to increase the university's sports profile. Once it gets some facilities, the right people in place, there's a lot of potential for the downtown Toronto university, especially in men's basketball.

There are challenges to coaching in Toronto, especially since so many good players not only go NCAA Division 1, but often go to the States while still in high school. Still, there is no reason a school in Canada's largest city shouldn't be more prominent on the parquet.
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  1. Ryerson has always been one of the least accomplished programs in the OUA, despite the fact that it is located in the heart of Ontario's largest metro area.
    Only Queen's and RMC have done less than Ryerson has in modern times.
    Ryerson has but one first place finish and one nationals appearance in its history, both coming in the Alex Beason era.
    Certainly though, the program is in much better shape today than it was under Patrick Williams, when it was truly horrible..
    But considering the academic requirements are nothing like those at U of T, you would think the school should be attracting better caliber recruits than it has, Bakovic excepted, of course.
    Whoever takes over as the new coach will hopefully be able to attract some of the better players in the GTA who aren't NCAA bound.
    Problem is, what kid in the Big Smoke doesn't think he is NCAA material?

  2. Yes, and another reason is most TO kids want out of TO. (Jane & Finch etc)

  3. Getting an education should be the goal as well as playing some ball. How many of these kids get a degree when they go off to some JC or ride the pine at a school you've never heard of?