Basketball: T.O.'s old basketball team playing in T.O.

There's a celebrity connection with one of the NCAA teams coming north for exhibition basketball.

The Tennessee-Chattanooga Mocs are playing four games in Southern Ontario over the Labour Day weekend. The hook that's not really a hook is that Tennessee-Chattanooga is the alma mater of reality television star Terrell Owens, who is a wide receiver for the Buffalo Bills professional football team, although both of the latter two statements have become a matter of opinion in the past few years. Regardless of whether T.O., who will be spending some time in Toronto this year, would be there, hoopheads in the GTA will be able to get a fix:
Sat., Sept. 5: U of T, Noon
Sat., Sept. 5: York, 8 p.m.
Sun., Sept. 6: Guelph, 8 p.m.
Mon., Sept. 7: Sheridan, 11 a.m.
Tennessee-Chattanooga graduated all five of its starters, but they play in the Southern Conference, which is a decent enough brand of basketball.

Terrell Owens was a sixth man on the 1995 Mocs teams which made a run to the Sweet 16. The Bills also have Labour Day weekend off, oddly enough.

Mocs Head to Canada for Pre-Season Tour ( press release)
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  1. Just found this! Thanks from a Chattanooga Moc!
    I will be in attendance in Canada, enjoyed my trip to Ottawa so much five years ago I couldn't miss it.
    You can ask about our team at, stop by and talk basketball!