Basketball: Lancers get a big man to Lien on, with an assist from Richard Peddie

Maple Leaf Sports and Entertainment president Richard Peddie is unpopular among Toronto sports fans, but the sports executive's hometown of Windsor must love him. (After all, most of them cheer for the Detroit Red Wings, not the Leafs.)

Peddie, a Windsor alum, helped Lancers men's hoops coach Chris Oliver secure a deal with 6-foot-8 big man Lien Phillip, as the Windsor Star reported Saturday.
" 'With him and Blake Pauls (a six-10 centre from Leamington), we're set in the post for the next four or five years.'

"The Lancers' basketball coach first took notice of Phillip in his senior year at St. Mary's where his game was still 'pretty raw.'

"In steering him towards Windsor and away from other potential OUA suitors, Oliver lined up a lunch with Richard Peddie, a Windsor graduate and president and CEO of Maple Leaf Entertainment.

"Peddie studied business at Windsor, just as Phillip will this fall." — Windsor Star
Along with Pauls and Phillip (you just know scorekeepers will have to be double careful which name they put the S on), the Lancers' class also includes a big guard, 6-6 Justin Wiltshire, who helped the Pickering Trojans win the OFSAA quad-A boys basketball banner in 2008.

Lancers nab dream recruit; Phillip shows smarts on, off court (Mary Caton, Windsor Star)
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  1. Neate, you might want to edit your piece.
    You mis-identified Chris Oliver as Chris Phillips in your 2nd paragragh.
    Somehow, you converted the Windsor men's coach into an Ottawa Senator defenseman.

  2. Thanks. How many R's should I put in arrrrrrgh?

    I must have been thinking of that joke about scorekeepers putting the S on Lien Phillip's name instead of Blake Pauls. Hoisted by my own petard!

  3. One irony is that on Friday I e-mailed a Philly sportswriter, Ray Didinger about an omission in a retrospective he had written about a Philadelphia Eagles game in the '80s that had a 99-yard touchdown pass from Ron Jaworski to Mike Quick.

    Didinger (he does a lot of work for NFL Network) mentioned all the 99-yard TD passes that have occurred since but left out one that happened last year. Amazingly, it involved my Minnesota Vikings and they were on the good side of this rare play.)

    I e-mailed him and he mentioned my name in a column. I say this not to fish for compliments but to point out we all depend on each other to catch that stuff.

    It all goes back to shared experience. Didinger's follow-up mentioned something I didn't know. That Jaworski-to-Quick 99-yard play came the same weekend as the car crash in which Philadelphia Flyers goalie Pelle Lindbergh was killed. Being Canadian, I knew the Lindbergh story, but since I was only eight years old in 1985 and didn't really follow football, I didn't know about that grim connection. Now I do.

  4. you just know scorekeepers will have to be double careful which name they put the S on

    Or they could just use a sensible system that automatically loads the names of the players into the boxscore so that silly misspellings like that don't happen. But hey, it's only the OUA.

  5. Don't get Rob started. What is with the AUS not using leaguestat for hockey when the other 3 conferences have signed off?

  6. No clue, but you know who has a much better boxscore system than the CIS? The State Basketball League. (Consider that foreshadowing.)

  7. But the CIS is getting tonnes of mileage out of that recent Wilson sponsorship renewal. No terms were announced but speculation is that the hard-driving CIS negotiating team got 10 more game balls than the last agreement.