Basketball: U of C's 'dunkmonster' Bekkering signs with Dutch club

Have mad hops and the game to back it up, will travel.

Calgary Dinos grad Henry Bekkering got right to work once he joined the Matrixx Magix Nijmegen in the Netherlands, putting on one of his patented dunking displays — hurdling four kids, the whole nine yards.

Mattrixx seems a pretty respectable squad, near as a non-Dutch-reading international basketball neophyte can tell. Based in the 2,000-year-old city of Nijmegen, the club finished fifth in the 11-team Eredivisie last season, the top flight of pro hoops in the Netherlands. The reports, as best as I could glean, seem full of excitement about bringing in a player of Dutch lineage who averaged 20 points in Canadian university ball (and whose brother Ross Bekkering was a 15-and-10 forward).

(Bekkering clip via Basketball Dunk Videos.)

Magixx krijgt dunkmonster (de Gelderlander, July 11)
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