Football: It might be it for Lumsden

Suffice to say, there is strong speculation that former McMaster star Jesse Lumsden's football career is over.
"If that injury is anywhere near as serious as it looked -- the Eskimos announced yesterday it was a dislocated shoulder and they're waiting for the results of some more tests before determining how long he'll be out of action -- the point has almost surely been reached when Lumsden's body has thrown in the towel. Rehabilitating injury after injury becomes fruitless when less and less significant blows cause more and more significant injuries.

"Translated: Lumsden may not want to admit it now, but it's probably time to start thinking about moving on. Which would be a shame of huge proportions."
There is no mention that Lumsden's upright running style might have made him more vulnerable to injuries. We cannot have those shades-of-grey in our morning newspaper!

'Jesse's in a terrible situation' (Scott Radley, Hamilton Spectator)
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