Basketball: Victoria Thistle returning to MUN

The best posts, like the best trades in hockey, are the ones you don't make.

When news arose of Vicki Thistle transferring from Memorial to Saskatchewan, there was thought of going into depth about what might entice a player from eastern Canada to transfer to the Huskies, since McMaster star Lindsay DeGroot had already done so (short answers: Canada West is the place to be for a lady baller and Saskatchewan is now a have province). Turns out Thistle, who had the third-highest game score in the AUS last season, is staying in St. John's with the Sea-Hawks.
"Vicki Thistle, a third-year student from St. John's, who said in March she would be leaving Memorial University and the province this fall as the result of 'a personal decision,' has apparently decided to return to MUN.

"When Thistle (16.3 points-per-game, 6.8 rebounds per game) revealed she was going to the University of Saskatchewan, coach Doug Partridge said at the time it was a, 'blow to our program' and that, 'It's never good to lose a player of that calibre any time.'

"Now things have changed ... again." — St. John's Telegram
This is as good a time as any to note The CIS Blog would really like to have someone who can take the AUS beat and make it her or his own. It's not a life-changing commitment, but a once or twice a week column on basketball or hockey would really hit the spot. That's how most of the writers on this site got involved, but suggesting a particular area that needed to be covered.

Just send an e-mail to neate.sager(at)

Lady Hawk returns to nest; Scoring star Vicki Thistle looks to wear red and white again (John Browne, St. John's Telegram)
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