Basketball: Meet Awo Farah

There are a million and one stories about well-rounded, self-possessed teenagers who left their mark on their high school. Since it's Ottawa-related, one should send some eyes toward a nice Ottawa Citizen feature on Awo Farah, a prospective Ottawa Gee-Gees basketball player. As Martin Cleary details, Farah arrived in Ottawa from Djibouti (a small African nation which encompasses less than 10 square miles) in 2001 not knowing a word of English, but ended up becoming her high school's student council co-president.

Three guesses whether Farah attributes her decision to attend the U of O and try to play her wy on to the defending OUA East champion Gee-Gees to wanting to play for Andy Sparks. The first two don't count!

'Sports kept me going. It made me come to school more.'; Rideau's senior athlete of year spoke no English when she arrived in Canada (Martin Cleary, Ottawa Citizen)
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