Football (and hockey): Dinos athletic therapist going to The Show

No doubt people in Canada West circles will be happy to hear, although they probably know already: The U of Calgary's head athletic therapist, Schad Richea, has taken a job in the NHL, as reported by
"Dysart, SK's Schad Richea has been hired as assistant Athletic Therapist with the Calgary Flames. Schad gave me the news this morning and said it was okay to break the story."
Richea, as outlined in a profile on, was responsible for every Dinos varsity athlete. He took his degree and qualifications at in Ontario at Waterloo and Sheridan College. By the way, that above-linked article included some sage advice for any students who might be filling out a course calendar in the next little while:
"I always encourage the students here, if you have an elective don't take dance and don't take archaeology. Take another biology or biochem or something that's going to be functional for you. It's nice to know those other things and pad your stats but there's way more to being an athletic therapist. Nobody ever asked me once what my marks were in university."
Cool. That ties in with something yours truly was told only after the fact: If someone wants to know what your grades were, you don't want to work for someone so uptight. Better to be someone who can learn.

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