Basketball: Towson to play Carleton, Ottawa, QSSF schools

News about NCAA teams coming north is slowly trickling out.

Carleton and Ottawa will play the Towson Tigers, out of the mid-major Colonial Athletic Association, on Aug. 17-18. The Tigers' trip will also include a game vs. UQAM and two vs. the Laval Rouge et Or. Towson, coached by Pat Kennedy who was at Florida State when it was a NCAA Tournament team in the '90s, will be somewhat short-staffed, coming north with just eight scholarship players.

Towson was 12-22 last season, but made a run in the conference tournament, losing in the semi-final to George Mason, whom hoopophiles will remember as a Final Four team back in 2006.

Here's the low-down from The Examiner:
"On August 17 and 18, Towson will face the University of Ottawa and Carleton University on back-to-back nights. After a one day break, the Tigers will take on the University of Quebec (UQAM - Ed.) and then will face Laval University in Quebec City on August 19 and 20.

"Towson will bring eight players from last year's 12-22 team and two walk-ons, who redshirted last season, on the Canadian trip."
Where the plot thickens is that the St. John's Red Storm, from the Big East, are also said to be coming to Ottawa. There's been no official word, but the sources for an Out of Left Field post about the St. John's Red Storm visiting Ottawa also mentioned the Towson game before it was announced. (Smoke = fire, sometimes.)

Tigers Take a Trip Up North (Mathew Schlissel, Towson Tigers Examiner)
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  1. This story is covered on Towson's website, but there is no mention of this at all on Carleton's "Go Ravens" site or Ottawa U's website, for that matter.
    You know, we constantly bitch and moan about how Canada's electronic and print media ignore university sport in this country, yet here we have two universities with a significant story, certainly for this time of year, and there is nary a word about it.
    If these schools won't report this story, why should the local media?

  2. A lot of this has to do with staffing levels. People have to take vacay sometimes, eh.

  3. Fair enough.
    But somebody at Ottawa U apparently found the time to post not only the Gee-Gee men's basketball team's regular season sked, but also the schedule for the Jack Donahue tournament in October.
    By Ottawa U standards, that's impressive!
    Well, there hasn't been anything new since late March, which is going on four months ago.
    Remember that impressive recruiting class Coach Smart is bringing in?
    Well, you won't read about it on Carleton's website.
    Basically, once the year ends it seems, Carleton just packs it in for the summer.
    As a Carleton grad, I'm embarrassed to say we come out second best to OU.

  4. That is a valid point. Like I say, the best way to is to be prescriptive, suggest how it could be done better.

  5. For anyone wondering, the sked for the Donahue tournament is as follows.

    Fri. Oct. 23 — Toronto-Bishop's, Cape Breton-Ottawa
    Sat. Oct. 24 — Cape Breton-Bishop's, Toronto-Ottawa
    Sun. Oct. 25 — Bishop's-Ottawa, Toronto-Cape Breton

    Hope to see some people there. Should we break out a separate post for a four-team event that is 3 1/2 months away.

    Thanks for referring me to that.