Football: Play as your favourite CIS school in NCAA Football 10

Canadian sports gamers who prefer to EA Sports' NCAA Football franchise to Madden (more teams, more varied playbooks) are in for a treat.

A few CIS diehards over the years have used the NCAA game's create-a-school feature to create a video version of their favourite team. NCAA Football 10, which is due in stores July 134, ups the ante because its new create-a-school (TeamBuilder) function which allows users to make their creations available for download by other gamers, enabling head-to-head play. Ten gamers could each play as an OUA school in a single 10-team conference (insert joke about the Big Ten having 11 teams).

You can even upload the school's actual logo. The logical next step for the franchise is to make it possible for users to upload a school's fight song (you do not want to know how long I spent trying to find a NCAA team's fight song that somewhat sounded like Queen's College Colours).

EA Sports said in a recent press release that users created teams at a rate of "seven per minute" during the first two days that TeamBuilder was up and running. Naturally, that includes many re-creations of CIS teams, which could allow 10 gamers to play out the OUA season.

To see some of the teams available, go to and click on Browse Schools (you might need to download a new flash player, but it only takes seconds).

Search for teams from the "state" of Canada, and you'll have a treasure-trove. There are at least 15 versions of the Laval Rouge et Or, 10 of the Western Mustangs and six of the Calgary Dinos.

Hint-hit: A gamer named Duster5931 created all 10 OUA teams. He even went to the trouble of creating individualized rosters. Here is Western QB Michael Faulds ...

... and here is Guelph sophomore defensive back Jarryd Baines.

Anyway, if you have a hour or two to kill at work, browse through the teams from the state of Canada. You'll even find teams created for schools which do not currently play football, such as Carleton ...

... and Dalhousie.

NCAA Football 10 Review
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  1. Fieewwwww the Carabins are there, I won't need to take a day off tomorrow... ;)

  2. Now we just need Canadian rules ...

  3. Nerds, the whole lot of you.

  4. Hey Lauren, maybe I can set up the goal zone the size I want to :P

  5. I dont know who made Queen's but the Recruiting pitches are all wrong... School prestige - B+? and fan base is a C?
    and the worst one is "Program Tradition" C+..... wow

    can we edit these?

  6. The Queen's team I saw from Duster5931 was ...
    Academic prestige A+, Campus Lifestyle A, Coach Experience A, Coach Prestige A, Championship Contender B+, Athletic Facilities C+ ahem, Fan Base A, Pro Factory A, Program Stability A, Program Tradition A+, TV Exposure A.

    They use Nevada's offence. Quick, ask Dan Brannagan how he likes the Pistol offence.

  7. this is so amazing ! couldnt be happier as a first year CIS player !