Basketball: Gryphons lose recruit Heslip to U.S. — report

ESPN reported a couple days ago that supposedly Guelph-bound point guard Brady Heslip "walked away with at least 10 mid-to-high D-I scholarship offers," including one from Boston College in the ACC, after shining at a recent AAU tournament.

Heslip, a Burlington native whose dad starred at the U of G, is also listed as being in the class of 2010, leading to speculation he's leaning toward a prep school.
"Brady was a relative unknown prior to this tournament (Adidas It Takes 5ive Classic). He walked away with at least 10 mid-to-high D-I scholarship offers. Brady is a skilled scoring point guard that can shoot with range to 22 feet. He can also create his own shot off the dribble. Brady can create for his teammates also. He can penetrate in the lane and kick to open teammates. He was a major factor in the tournament and will be one of the heavily recruited point guards in this class based off his performance here." —
The and forums are fairly alight about Heslip apparently de-committing. Personal judgments should be withheld. A young adult only gets one crack at playing high-level basketball, although there is grass-is-always-greener aspect with respect to going to a NCAA Division 1 program outside of teams in major conferences. (If North Carolina or UConn is calling, go, if it's

There is also the matter of the money quote Heslip gave to SLAM! Online two months ago:
"Just the fact that I’m going to be home in Canada and I'm going to be an impact player right away and be able to start. I’m going to be able to do what I want to do for five years as opposed to learning the ropes down there for two years and getting my two years to play. That was a major factor in me wanting to stay."
This is a young person who has the right to change his mind. If this is the case, the Gryphons' coaches will understandably feel burned, but those are the breaks in recruiting.
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