Women's hoops: Season openers, predictions

The great Canada West tradition of starting a week early continues in basketball, with 12 of 14 teams playing their season opener tonight. (Brandon and Regina are the slackers.) Everyone else appears to start next week sometime.

Saskatchewan is probably the team to watch this weekend, as they host UBC and UVic tonight and tomorrow. The Huskies were good, albeit overmatched at the nationals last year (which they hosted), but they're set up well for success this year.

During the season, we'll track the top 10 teams as per the official CIS poll, but I'm pretty sure they haven't put one out yet. Here's my attempt at one:

1. Simon Fraser
2. Alberta
3. Dalhousie
4. McMaster
5. UBC
6. Cape Breton
7. York
8. Victoria
9. Saskatchewan
10. Western

Some comments: the Clan's depth keeps them at the top despite one graduation and one bad back. UBC has the potential to stay in the top 5, but may fall if their losses are too much to overcome. And Dalhousie looks really good on paper, which is what the pre-season is all about.

Also, now's as good a time as any to bust out the season predictions, which are below. They're roughly based on three-year performance, the loss of ineligible players, and several wild guesses, with Bayes' theorem thrown in for good measure. Please, no wagering.

AUS (points)
46 Dalhousie
42 Cape Breton
33 Memorial
23 StFX
22 UNB
21 Saint Mary's
15 Acadia

13-3 Laval
10-6 Bishop's
8-8 UQAM
7-9 Concordia
2-14 McGill

Canada West
21-2 Simon Fraser
16-7 UBC
15-8 Victoria
9-14 Fraser Valley
8-15 Trinity Western
4-19 Thompson Rivers

17-5 Alberta
13-9 Saskatchewan
11-11 Calgary
5-17 Lethbridge

14-8 Regina
13-9 Winnipeg
9-13 Manitoba
2-20 Brandon

18-4 York
13-9 Toronto
11-11 Laurentian
11-11 Carleton
10-12 Queen's
7-15 Ryerson
7-15 Ottawa
1-21 RMC

18-4 McMaster
16-6 Western
13-9 Brock
12-10 Windsor
12-10 Guelph
10-12 Laurier
9-13 Lakehead
8-14 Waterloo
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  1. The predictions look pretty good from here, as does the top ten. It will be interesting to see if Dal or Mac can break the CanWest dominance at nationals this season...