Football: Handwriting on wall in Windsor — Layson reports

The Guelph Mercury's Greg Layson, not to crab his act, has a post that more than a few people having been praying to read for quite some time:
"I have on good authority — VERY good authority — that (Mike) Morencie will not be back next season as head coach of the Windsor Lancers. Nope. In fact, (athletic director) Gord Grace will take over for at least the 2009 season, if not the 2010 season.

"Morencie is under contract and member of the union at the university ... he can be 'repositioned' within the athletic department.

"And, apparently, that's the plan. Supposedly by repositioning Morencie, he's not fired, can't grieve and still runs out his contract. And, by Grace coaching, he doesn't make any more or any less money and doesn't have to pay a new coach — or two coaches at once, as the case would be."
— Big Man on Campus

This has been coming for a long time, considering Morencie's 30-73-1 record across 13 seasons. It is about the wins and losses, unless you're the general manager of a major junior hockey franchise in Kingston, Ontario. Who knows, maybe the first-rate pot-stirring by Windsor city councillor Alan Halberstadt brought the coaching situation to a head. Halberstadt is even planning to poll readers of his blog on whether a change should be made.

(Update: Windsor is denying it, or is just in denial, but Layson is standing by his story. He must feel like Ben Bradlee!)
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