On O'Shea and U of T coaching (two separate topics)

Our man at The Merc has a couple posts today. One on the possibility of one of the one-time Guelph Gryphons great, Michael O'Shea, possibly hanging up his moleskin (as they used to say of Canadian footballers) after 16 seasons

The other, also Toronto-related (he typed, apologetically), includes Greg DeLaval having to re-apply for the top coaching position at the U of T. One would hope it's a formality, based on the fact The Streak ended on his watch, but it is never that easy. DeLaval should get a shot; this was the first time since 1997 that U of T won more than one game a season.

(How long ago was 1997? Laval missed the playoffs that season. You know it was a long time ago...)

Blues Clues; O'Shea Classy Till The End (Greg Layson, Big Man on Campus)
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