Football: It's not just the Heat, it's the Sun

There's a comment thread on the Dot-Org about the Okanagan Sun to the CIS meme ... there was an article in the Kelowna Daily Courier late last week about UBC Okanagan's bid and the tie-in with the junior program.

Pretty much everyone had the same thought: If UBC and Simon Fraser join the NCAA, would that increase the likelihood of having a Canada West football team in the Okanagan, ensuring the league has six teams? Vancouver radio personality Jim Mullin also let this drop:
"Don't be surprised if you hear two years from now that all of the T-Birds sports programs in (Canada West) are sent to Kelowna, minus basketball and volleyball.

"And then football would be dropped from the Point and operate in the interior.

"SFU in the GNAC (Great Northwest Athletic Conference, which is NCAA D-2) would be the only team in college football in the Lower Mainland."
There is not much original to add here, other than to say that if a guy from Ontario knows about the Okanagan Sun, they obviously have quite the reputation, and a lot to offer. One of the commenters also pointed out that they would bring an element that's currently lacking in Canada West football -- a smaller city where junior hockey and amateur football are the big games in town. The other three conferences have plenty of schools which have that setup.

The Sun lost the B.C. junior final by 40 points to Vancouver Island on Saturday, so maybe (kidding) they're looking for an easier road to a national title. (Incidentally, if you're wondering what became of defensive back Rhys Coppens, who had a great rookie season with the Alberta Golden Bears in 2007, he's playing for Vancouver Island.)
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