McCrystal, Part 2: 'Riders play-by-play man calls fans "goofs"

"To the goofs from the CIS message boards who think I'm bluffing that your IP's can be traced no matter how well you disguise it.

"Guess what? The cops can do anything they want. And they have. I've seen it. And that's what (Regina coach) Frank (McCrystal) said they are looking into." — Rod Pederson
Paraphrasing Pepper Brooks in Dodgeball, calling Saskatchewan football fans "goofs" is a bold strategy for someone who just published a book on the Roughriders. Let's see if it works out for him. Don't worry, there cannot be too much overlap between fans of the Saskatchewan Huskies, Regina Rams and the CFL team which represents Saskatchewan and plays in Regina. 

Frank McCrystal got Deadspinned Monday for his "criminal element" comment. That's not the be-all end-all (thanks for the traffic, though). Pederson, whom one dot-orger says "is obviously a pawn, a clown or a simple-minded buffoon," looks as bad as the coach he was backing. 

He is all hat and no cattle here. The upshot is the dot-orgers are laughing fit to split over this, with good reason. People want a community online where they can meet with liked-mindeds, however nichy the interest group (and since Canadian university sports are as nichy as it get). It isn't much of a person or thinker who takes it seriously, let alone feels threatened. 
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