Football: Rumbling under the Sun

But perhaps no local sports organization has taken more interest in the UBCO application (for CIS membership) than the Okanagan Sun. For more than two decades, the Sun has been a dominant force in B.C. junior football. Now the organization wants a new challenge and believes a shift to Canada West would be the next natural step.

Team president Les Weiss estimates the team could be ready to join the seven-team league by 2011. Still, Weiss said there are many bridges to cross before that could happen.
It is not new to hear talk of the Sun, the traditional lodestar of the B.C. football conference, aligning with UBC Okanagan. When the Regina Rams and the U of Regina joined forces back in the late '90s, there was some speculation that there would be a natural fusion as well in the B.C. interior.

(This is where Saskatchewan Huskies fans can chime in that so-called "natural fusion" has not made the U of R Rams a CIS dynasty.)

Canada West does need an eighth team to balance out its schedule. It would eliminate the absurdity of an Aug. 22 season opener, at the very least. Considering that B.C. footballers are highly sought after by schools south in the border (and those in Southern Ontario), there is certainly enough talent in Western Canada to stock another team.

Besides, for far too long Canadian university football fans have been denied the sight of a team whose base colour is orange. For far too long, we have been nose-up-against-the-window envious of all the Americans cheering for the likes of Clemson, Texas.

A fuller post on the UBC Okanagan Heat, VIU Mariners and UNBC Northern Timberwolves' efforts to be admitted into Canada West is somewhat demanded. Ann Ontario boy who's never been farther west in Canada than Swan River, Manitoba is probably not the one to write said post..

UBCO positive about chase for Canadian Interuniversity Sport membership (Penticton Western News, Oct. 4)
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