Football: UNB talks about getting back in the game...

"The rumour making the rounds is if UNB brings in a team, UPEI would follow, particularly with a new facility being built to accommodate the Canada Games being played there this summer.

"UNB has its new turf field at Chapman replete with football markings. With the considerable upstart cost, it would have to be a Laval-type situation where a group outside of the school would finance the team.

"Alumni types tell me there's such a group in place. And that once a team becomes reality, money won't be a problem." -- Fredericton Daily Gleaner, Oct. 29
The obvious joke: It would be great to see another team or two down East -- where else in Canada can Ontario kids go to play football?

Climate conducive to consider resurrecting football at UNB (David Ritchie, Frederiction Daily Gleaner)
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  1. I do beleive that a lot of Montreal fans will be unhappy with that! Since a month, some of them cry like a baby about the way Laval are doing things (especially the Carabin's presenter at CKAC Jean-Charles Lajoie). Lets hope more seriously that UNB will join the league! That could help to get a more competitive Atlantic Conference

  2. The LAST thing the AUS needs is another team (to wit, a very weak 2-6 Mount Allison team is in the playoffs): the talent pool out there is thin, and there are only so many ONT kids you can lure down there.