Hoops: Top performances of Week 1

It was very tempting to say "monster performer" in that headline.

Throughout the basketball season, not only will we be tracking the top teams, but we'll also track the best individual performances during each week. These are more or less going to be automatically determined by each player's game score (definition here under "GmSc"), because the wonders of technology allow me to do that with very little effort.

It's not perfect but neither are the stats we have to work with. Think of it as a quick look at who performed well offensively (although steals and blocks are considered as well). If you think someone else deserves recognition, mention them in the comments.

So here are the top 3 for the first, CanWest-dominated, week of play:


25.6, Greg Wallis (Simon Fraser, 10/24 at Trinity Western)
20.8, Robbie Sihota (Calgary, 10/25 at Winnipeg)
18.6, Danhue Lawrence (Lethbridge, 10/24 at Winnipeg)

16.4, Kayla Dykstra (Victoria, 10/25 at Saskatchewan)
16.4, Laurelle Weigl (Simon Fraser, 10/24 at Trinity Western)
14.7, Jana Spindler (Saskatchewan, 10/24 vs. UBC)

It's no surprise to see Wallis at the top of the men's list; also, note that Dykstra's effort came in a losing cause, but just barely, with a 58-56 final score. Sihota was also less fortunate, as his Dinos fell to Mike James and the Wesmen by 14. In front of an attendance of one, apparently. Either the CIS scorekeepers entered something incorrectly again, or Winnipeg has a killer Saturday night scene...
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