Football: The great Windsor gong show

Big Man on Campus is the go-to for updates on the Windsor coaching situation.

The craziest part: Saskatchewan's Brian Towriss, with three Vanier Cups, is the longest-serving coach in the country. The next up on the list is a man who was won 29 of 87 games as a head coach across 11 seasons (and was 1-15 as a co-ordinator). That is not all Mike Morencie's doing, but nor was it with the however many coaching changes -- 15? 20? -- that have been made at Ontario football schools since 1998.

By The Grace of Gord (Big Man on Campus)
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  1. Interesting. And this .293 winning percentage comes in a conference that has had a couple of the worst teams in the country this decade. I wonder what his percentage slips to if one strips out the wins against U of T during their record-setting losing streak and York the past few seasons?

  2. So should we pencil Brian in as CIS coach of the year seems fitting that this year it will be 25 yrs in the CIS. And he has a good season.

  3. This was just posted on the .org thread about Morencie's time:

    Compare that to Laurier's 14 year span where they had 2 Vanier Cups and 8 Yates Cup appearances. Even with that success they had 3 coaches, all of whom won the CIAU/CIS coach of the year award at some point.