Football: There's more to this than making fun of York, I swear

Instead of death-by-rows-of-numbers, I thought I'd show the Week 7 point differentials in a more appealing (if unoriginal) way this time:

Above the green line means you're pretty good; below the red line means you're really bad. Everything in between is, well, everyone in between. Yellow line is for .500 teams.

Sorry about the overlap with Laurier, X, Concordia, and Bishop's. I'm tempted to just drop York and McGill entirely, so there's more room for everyone else...
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  1. For OUA teams, the York game be treated as a statistical outlier and should almost be removed.

    I say this as a Golden Gaels alumni too.

  2. Does U of T get "redlined" for a 41-point loss tonight?

    It was a fun ride for the V-Blues while it lasted.