UBC to the NCAA; what's up with that?

"The question that needs to be asked here is this: Is (UBC's) plan simply to go to NCAA Division II and stay there, or are there eventual plans to go to Division I and all the attendant glories, costs and concerns that go with it? Right now athletic director Bob Phillip is dancing on that one, not wishing to spell out his plans.

"... Part of the thrust (for UBC) to go NCAA in the first place has been provided by CIS, which has watered down the appeal of UBC, UVic, TWU and SFU here in B.C. It has given virtually every small school playing status with the big four, which are not amused by the idea of being lumped into a B.C. division, something presently being considered." — The Province, Sept. 18
It finally comes out, albeit not in a direct quote from anyone at the University of British Columbia.

Thing is, there is a solid case to be made for tiering university leagues and not pitting small schools against large State U-type schools, the Albertas and the UBCs. There's a strong whiff of big-city snobbery to it, though, but what are you going to do?

The larger point is that no one should really oppose Canadian athletes endeavouring to face the best competition available. Division 2 of the NCAA isn't it, however, and doing it to spite Thompson Rivers or UCFV is pretty low.

Is UBC's goal NCAA Div. 1?; But second-tier play may not be good enough (Tony Gallagher, Vancouver Province)
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