Football: Alberta's Rottier tops CFL prospects list

Alberta offensive lineman Simeon Rottier tops the CFL's initial list of the top 10 amateur football players currently playing in the CIS.

It's good to see the CFL get on this and try to call attention to fans where the next homegrown players in the league are coming from. Rottier, by all accounts, is a fantastic player in Canada West, but the anonymity of the O-line and Alberta's record work against him having as much name recognition.

Not too long ago, the U of A had a lineman get a look from the NFL, Patrick McDonald. Rottier also played on the national junior champion Edmonton Huskies (thank you, Vic) in 2005 under present York coach Mike McLean. McLean, of course, played and coached with the Edmonton Eskimos.

Green and gold already looks good on Rottier. Maybe it will in the CFL too.

For interest's sake, 10 of the first 20 picks in the 2008 CFL draft were from Canadian schools.

The list is of players who are eligible for the league's combine next season, so a fifth-year player would not be considered:

  1. Simeon Rottier, offensive line, Alberta
  2. Matt Morencie, offensive line, Windsor
  3. Jamall Lee, running back, Bishop's
  4. Scott McHenry, slotback, Saskatchewan
  5. Étienne Légaré, D-line, Laval
  6. Matt Carter, slotback, Acadia
  7. Steve Myddelton, offensive line, St. Francis Xavier
  8. Dylan Steenbergen, offensive line, Calgary
  9. Mike Cornell, outside linebacker, Ottawa
  10. Osie Ukwuoma, defensive end, Queen's
Jaime Stein, the one-time play-by-play voice of the Queen's Golden Gaels and Toronto Argonauts, is is now working in CFL headquarters. He had a big part in getting this launched. Kevin McDonald (former Laurier quarterback) and Ryan Janzen (star McMaster receiver in the late '90s/early 2000s), who also work for the CFL, also had a large role.

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  1. Rottier actually played for the Edmonton Huskies, not the Wildcats.

  2. Thanks Vic, I was going to correct it too!
    Way to go Sim.
    His hard work and dedication does not go unoticed to anyone who knows him.

  3. Thank you, thank you, for the catch Vic.