Tuesday, September 09, 2008

In the NCAA, Miami of Ohio is known as the cradle of coaches for having been a breeding ground for an endless string of college football's headset-wearing potentates.

The Hamilton Tiger-Cats are starting to become the cradle of coaches for the CIS.

One-time Vanier Cup-winning coach Marcel Bellefeuille will serve out the season after the Ticats brain trust tied the can to Charlie Taaffe on Monday. The former Ottawa Gee-Gees coach will likely be let go after the season, since a new coach will likely want to bring in his own people. Not to be cruel, but one wonders if Bellefeuille, who won the Vanier Cup in 2000 with the Gee-Gees, would ever end up back in the university ranks.

The roll call of ex-Ticats coaches in university already includes Greg Marshall at Western and Waterloo's Dennis McPhee and Joe Paopao. Talk about a brutal business where good men get treated badly. It's small wonder that coaches whom many people believe would do alright in the CFL -- here one thinks of Calgary's Blake Nill -- prefer the security and more relaxed atmosphere in university.

(Mike Benevides, the B.C. Lions defensive co-ordinator, who's York grad, will probably get a shot at being the next Canadian to have a top coaching job in the CFL, but ideally it would come in a better situation than with the Tiger-Cats.)

A disaster of the Ticats' own making (Stephen Brunt, globesports.com)

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