Hoops: Russell leaves Lakehead

Darnellia Russell has had a change of heart and is no longer a member of the Lakehead University women's basketball team.

The 24-year-old Seattle-born athlete featured in the film The Heart of the Game has left Thunder Bay, Ont., to return home and be with her family. Russell's boyfriend and their two daughters, one of whom just started school, had remained in Seattle.
Any attempt to piggyback on Allan Maki's story would come off as piggybacking.

The best I can say is that life doesn't end with a final buzzer. Russell took a shot, it didn't work out, it's unfortunate, but satisfying her competitive fire doesn't have to come in basketball.

Lakehead loses hoops star (Allan Maki, globesports.com)
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1 comment:

  1. Well, she might be with her family again, but she's going to miss that great group of dudes.

    Wonder if Tasia McKenna is now unbelievably disappointed.