Dinos win over Bisons came at a heavy cost

Missed this earlier in the day, but Calgary's fine running back, Anthony Woodson, has cracked ribs and a punctured lung. Ouch.

The Calgary Herald story says that the Dinos might try defensive back Willie Williams on offence.

Williams is from Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Not to poke fun at him, but it's highly possible that Williams has probably had to explain that's he's not the other football-playing Willie Williams from South Florida, who cultivated a bit of a Jesse James reputation during his short career with the Miami Hurricanes.

(Loving football means loving the crazy bastards who play it, which means it did the heart good to see that Willie Williams, who's now at his fifth college in five years, just got named defensive player of the week in the NAIA.)

Dinos deal with loss of No. 1 running back (Kristen Odland, Calgary Herald)
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  1. Meanwhile, in the east Dan Brannagan is having a dandy season. The OUA and the CIS stats both have him completing 72 passes for 1450 yards and ten TDs in only two games. That is 725 yards per game. That must be a CIS record.

  2. This is where someone's supposed to pipe up and say Tom Denison would have had that if Queen's had had a better offensive line in his day.