Basketball: Bragg-ing on a basketballer made media baron

"You can't be lazy and be successful in college sports, and you can't be successful in business if you're lazy. You have to want to succeed. Some stuff you like, some stuff you don't. Some stuff is hard, some is fun. You win, you lose. But you have to analyze why and what you can learn from it. I think there are some pretty good correlations."
It's only sporting to call attention to an excellent profile in the Globe & Mail of telecommunications tycoon Lee Bragg -- who played hoops at Mount Allison and UNB.

Bragg probably would have done OK even if he'd never touched a basketball. The fact remains that his drive was honed on the hardwood in the Atlantic Universities basketball conference before it was unleashed on the business world.

Most valuable player; Two things were expected of Lee Bragg: He'd one day run part of the family empire, and he'd play basketball. Dad must be proud (Michael Grange,
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