Sorry they missed it...

"I was sent a note that Rogers Sportsnet was there early to get some footage, but left before the game ended. Then, they called frantically looking for footage of the end of the game. I watched Sportsnet and TSN this morning and there was no video evidence of the win. Both made mention of it." -- Big Man on Campus
Here's hoping this and this, shot by one of Out of Left Field's contributors, Mike (it's just the one name, like Cher), turns up Sportsnet Connected's Inbox feature.

One more time, let's see the celebration:

It's hard not love the we're-not-worthy guy, salaaming like it was 1992 and Wayne World's was the fad movie of the moment.

It's understandable that media people have to leave before a game ends so they can have time to file the right shots. It doesn't take a Minnesota Vikings fan, though, to know that 17 points is never enough, no matter how hapless your opponent.
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