Men's Hockey: Carleton goes into Lakehead, comes out victorious

One should not read too much into September exhibition hockey scores, but still.
Carleton 3, Lakehead 2
The second-year Ravens pulled this off in fairly impression fashion, coming from behind in the third period in front of a crowd of 2,800-plus at Fort William Gardens.

Again, it might only be noteworthy to me since I live in a neighbourhood populated by Carleton students (who never raise hell to the point where the police reports on a Saturday night run to 13 pages, unlike a certain place that rhymes with ingston). Beating Lakehead at Lakehead in their first try should turn some heads. Adam Marriner got the game-winner for the Ravens, who had played Lakehead to a 2-2 tie in Friday's first game before a bank of lights were knocked out when lightning struck the arena, forcing the game to be called.

Lakehead has Saint Mary's in for two games next weekend. The Thunderwolves are probably being fairly experimental with their line combos and defence pairs, while Carleton's lineup is relatively set. Still, for a second-year team, that's a nice little score.

(Lakehead won a shootout that was held to decide a winner for Friday's game, but really, it was a tie.)
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1 comment:

  1. Just a note here... 6 of Lakehead's top players were not dressed for the Saturday game, and the Friday night game was postponed due to a power outage (only 2 periods of play were completed.

    Regardless, Carleton's performance should indeed turn some heads.