Hoops: Bol Kong to St. FX? ESPN says it's a maybe

No less a roundball oracle than TrueHoop has provided the latest on Vancouver basketball phenom Bol Kong:
"I have heard rumors that he has given up on getting the visa to play in the U.S. this year, and has decided to play for St. Francis Xavier in Nova Scotia. I talked to St. Francis Xavier, and they acknowledged the rumors, but say there is nothing to report at this point. If he becomes a highly sought NBA prospect, I wonder if other forces -- Better lawyers? Politically connected bigwigs? -- will come to bear on the immigration process."
No one would it past St. FX to be recruiting Kong, a 6-foot-7 swingman who was supposed to go to Gonzaga. That fell through when the U.S. government, in its infinite wisdom, turned down his visa application since he's a citizen of the Sudan, which America views as a sponsor of terrorizers.

St. FX, like most Atlantic teams, has a pretty broad horizon when it comes to recruiting. It brought in a player from Brazil, forward Islam Luiz de Toledo, last season. Even as a one- or two-year whistlestop, it wouldn't be a bad place for Kong to keep working on his game, until he's allowed into the United States or gets an opportunity to play professionally in Europe.
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  1. kong this the man5/08/2009 2:26 pm

    He is from South Sudan,North Sudan which are the one who should be considered as terrorism. Bol Kong has no thing to do with terrorism, the kid just need to play basketball and go to NBA.

  2. Hey, that's what we've said all along. It's bogus that he hasn't been allowed into the States to pursue basketball and an education. He is no threat to anyone, except the poor guy who has to guard him on D!