Hockey: Kelly Nobes returns home

McGill has filled their vacancy behind the bench, and one has opened up at Laurier.

It was announced today that Kelly Nobes would be leaving the Golden Hawk program after four stellar seasons behind the bench, and would be taking his lengthy coaching pedigree over to his alma mater, McGill, where he served as an assistant coach after playing at the school.

The iron-fisted Nobes has made the playoffs every year he has been a head coach, now nine seasons in a row, and helped cement Laurier as a mainstay both at the top of the OUA and in the Top-10 in CIS.

He was behind the bench for the Golden Hawks run at a University Cup in 2006-07 which saw them come within a goal of going to the championship game. Laurier will be conducting a national search to fill their now vacant Head Coaching position.

Armchair coaches ... get your resumes ready.
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  1. ADs! Lock up your coaches. McGill seems to be on a hiring spree to grab some of the better CIS coaches.
    First DeAveiro and now Nobes. Is McGill offering big bucks to lure underpaid coaches away?

  2. Wow this comes as some surprise. While I certainly will not miss his yelling/screaming bouts with officials that tend to lead to numerous bench minors, he did have a very good record here at Laurier. He brought in some good recruits and consistently had Laurier among the top in the OUA. Other schools have already begun to announce some recruits, so I hope Laurier is able to grab a new coach and gather some recruits before it is too late.

  3. I just want to point out, the Golden Hawks have done worse and worse every year Nobes has been the Head Coach

    06/07: Nationals
    07/08: Semi's
    08/09: Semi's
    09/10: Quarter's

    We've been declining ever since he took the job, which to me says his recruiting has been sub par, the outgoing players from the previous coaching staff have now left the system, and the team has done progressively worse.

    He's brought in good player, dont get me wrong, it just seems like he was building this Golden Hawks team the wrong way and his recruits showed that.

    just my 2 cents after watching this team the last two years.

  4. That may be a bit misleading.

    06/07 22-5-1
    07/08 16-9-3
    08/09 22-5-1
    09/10 17-7-4

    While your playoff results are telling, the team did decline, and then he did solidify the team where they became the class of the OUA for 2008-2009. But, I also do see what you are saying, and you may be on to something. I think I'm torn because I am uncertain what the future holds, who will replace him, and whether they will be better/worse.

    To be honest, my first year at Laurier was Nobes' first year, so I am not really sure what their recruiting was like prior to his tenure, but one thing I have been disappointed with as of late has been the amount of forwards brought in from junior b or junior a. Laurier has had very little major junior type players up front, whereas teams like Lakehead and Western have been getting tons. I am hoping a new coach can up the recruiting in that department, as I feel Laurier is very solid in goal and on the blueline for the moment.

    His coaching style has always been a very run and gun style, with tons of goals for, but also tons against. I am hoping a new coach can maybe lead to more solid defensive play.

  5. Another hockey coach job open.

    Fred Parker and the Carleton Ravens have parted ways.

    A news release from Carleton say that Parker and Carleton were unable to come to terms on his contract renewal.

  6. Oh, and just quickly, Luke, your playoff results are a little bit off I believe.

    06/07 Nationals
    07/08 Semis
    08/09 OUA West Final (lost to Western)
    09/10 Quarters

    So it was not a total decline. I am already excited for another season of CIS hockey though.

  7. I hope all these open coaching position will be a positive for lakehead in their recruiting. Maybe this season they can get there top recruits in to start the season. As for nobes, I hope he likes it in the east, the west was tiered of his crybaby antics after every loss.

  8. Nobes was an excellent coach who got the most he could out of his players. I think his occasional tirades at the referees serves to underscore his desire and passion to win.Recruiting in the CIS is not a level playing field and especially to a shool with high academic standards such as WLU .. anyone know a few 60 or 70 point CHL players carrying a 90% average .. if so the job is yours!