Football: Who needs Madden when you have the Carabins?

The Rouge et Or/Carabins rivalry might not heat up a lot over this story, but any Laval players looking to play NFL 2011 on their iPhone will probably get constant reminders about how the game was developed.

Lecturers at l'Université de Montréal have been on strike for about six weeks, but in the meantime, some football players have been offering themselves up as motion-capture models for nearly a month for an NFL game due to come out for the iPhone in 2011.

Running back Alexis Stropiano was one of the only ten or so players involved, so it was necessary to represent different positions: "linebacker, quarterback, receiver, tight end, etc." The actual contact plays were captured using two players and just a little bit of padding: "It was risky: it was just on gym mats, and it was necessary to be very precise on the tackles."

It's an interesting story, but not completely surprising: Montreal has more than its share of software development companies, especially those designing video games. In this case, the company is Gameloft, a major mobile developer headquartered in Paris--and if I'm not mistaken, their Montreal office is fairly close to the Montréal campus.

But if you're wondering how the Carabins hooked up with Gameloft, it turns out that one of the game designers is dating a hockey player at the school. Another benefit to having more women's hockey programs in CIS!

Motion capture des Carabins pour le jeu vidéo NFL 2011 (Alexandre Belkowski, Quartier Libre) (via Deux Fans)
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