Football: Glavic confirms return to Calgary

Scramble EG wants another crack at the Vanier Cup:
"One of eight nominees for the 2010 BLG Awards announced Wednesday, Glavic says he’s decided to be realistic about his chances of turning pro as a Canadian pivot and focusing instead on a return visit to the Vanier Cup.

" 'Whether I would get a legit look or a legit shot, who knows,' said Glavic. 'With the way things appear to be, I’m happy being in university this year and playing that role and maybe next year having a bit more of run at it.' "
Canada West seems to be the "Calgary, Saskatchewan and everybody else" conference, although maybe Manitoba will get it together after two seasons which were best left forgotten. Glavic has been great for the game, so it's good to know fans can look forward to seeing him for one more season, even if it's too bad a CFL shot never materialized.

Meantime, as you already know, Glavic has a chance to match fellow former Saint Mary's quarterback Chris Flynn as the only three-time Hec Crighton winner.

Meantime, congratulations for all the BLG Award nominees, from west to east: UBC volleyballer Liz Cordonier, Glavic, Western QB Michael Faulds, Montréal soccer star Véronique Maranda, Laurier hockey goalie Liz Knox, hockey standouts Francis Verreault-Paul and Hunter Tremblay of McGill and UNB and Cape Breton basketball star Kelsey Hodgson.

BLG nominee Glavic to return to Dinos (Sean Myers, Calgary Herald)
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  1. Wow, Glavic's potential return is an equation-changer. However, before Dinos get their s*** all hot it should be mentioned that Glavic has a habit of changing his mind. Any bad memories there Smoo?

  2. It wasn't a case of Glavic "changing his mind".
    He just followed Nill out to Calgary.