Basketball: DeAveiro got 'tired of hoping' situation would change at Ottawa

Outgoing Ottawa and McGill coach Dave DeAveiro stuck to the high road, but what he related to Wayne Kondro was exactly in line with what some people have said about Ottawa: the coaches are more administrators than, you know, coaches.
"DeAveiro said he found fundraising requirements time-consuming and onerous.

" 'I just kept hoping that, at some point, the school would put more money into our program and invest a little bit more in my future, in terms of having me stay here and wanting me here,' he said in an interview. 'I'm grateful because they gave me my opportunity and I don't want to sound like I'm slamming the university because that's not what I'm doing. I just got a better offer.'

" ... The current parameters of university support for athletic programs require that coaches fundraise monies to cover costs related to all exhibition games, travel to preseason tournaments and honorariums for assistant coaches, who generally receive $1,500 or less for time and effort expended during a season. Individual programs must also pay for facilities and support staff required for ancillary events like the annual Clint Dunning Invitational Tournament.

"Many members of the Gee-Gees coaching fraternity have privately complained that the financial arrangement puts them at a competitive disadvantage, a proposition rejected by director of sport services Luc Gélineau."
The comment thread would lead one to believe people will reject Gélineau's defence the situation is "very comparable" to other schools and not "unrealistic." That sounds like code for a common management technique of not allowing people to make comparisons to the outside world.

Believe you me, I saw it all the time in one of my previous journalistic iterations, and not unlike DeAveiro, the best recourse was to take a better offer.

Meantime, Kondro has a who's-who of potential candidates, including ...
  • Coaches with an Ottawa tie: Brad Campbell of Western, Shawn Swords of Laurentian (each was born in Ottawa);
  • In-house replacements: Gee-Gees assistant Emil O'Neil, Ottawa women's coach Andy Sparks;
  • Successful coaches in CIS and CCAA: Scott Morrison of Lakehead, Darrell Glenn of Humber College;
  • Current assistant coaches who are close by: Rob Smart of Carleton, Duncan Cowan of Queen's;
  • Former coaches: Keith Vassell, late of Brandon.
Have at it in the comments, folks.

'Better offer' behind McGill move: DeAveiro; Ex-U of O men's hoops coach discouraged by school's lack of investment in program (Wayne Kondro, Ottawa Citizen)
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  1. Isn't this where former players can step up. Can not they form an organization to raise the money the athletic department requires the coach to raise? Can not they tell the coach, "Don't worry coach, we will raise the money for you. You forget about it and concentrate on coaching" ?

    Is this what other schools do? Is Gelineau way out of touch in his assumption that other schools require their coaches to do all the fund raising?

    Gelineau has known for months that DeAveirio was interviewing for other jobs. Could he have not looked to find alumni that would take the burden off the coach and thus keep him?

    Finally, this makes a good argument as to why Ottawa should look to set up non-profit organizations to help fund each sport. These organizations would consist of alumni and business people who love the sport and would love to a part of it.

    uOttawa even has a model in its own back yard. The Gee-Gees Track and Field Club is a division of the Ottawa Lions Track and Field Club. The Lions provide coaching and funding for travel to meets for the Gee-Gees. The Lions T&F Club is funded by the non-profit Service Club --The Lions' Club(Ottawa Chapter).

    Why not find other outside partners to assist in the other Gee-Gee sports as well.

  2. The AD did not know about this or any other coaches leaving in advance because the AD does not make it his business to know these things.

    There are long-time alumni with the pockets to overcome whatever alleged financial issues are being faced however the AD has chosen to not build relationships with those alumni and in fact alternatively barriers have been built.

    There are finances available; the AD chooses to not use them in a manner that would help varsity sports.

    The AD is allowed to behave this way because the higher administration at the University has chosen to ignore the pleas of numerous alumni from several different eras clearly identifying the problem.

    Despite a large, loyal athletic alumni that simply wants some level of relationship with the AD and administration, those accountable at the University have chosen to not take that path. Why therefore should anyone care if they don't ?

  3. The AD did not know about this or any other coaches leaving in advance because the AD does not make it his business to know these things.

    There are long-time alumni with the pockets to overcome whatever alleged financial issues are being faced however the AD has chosen to not build relationships with those alumni and in fact alternatively barriers have been built.

    There are finances available; the AD chooses to not use them in a manner that would help varsity sports.

    The AD is allowed to behave this way because the higher administration at the University has chosen to ignore the pleas of numerous alumni from several different eras clearly identifying the problem.

    Despite a large, loyal athletic alumni that simply wants some level of relationship with the AD and administration, those accountable at the University have chosen to not take that path. Why therefore should anyone care if they don't ?

  4. Luc Gelineau is a joke.
    Allan Rock is an even bigger joke.
    This whole goddamn university is run by a bunch of politically appointed flunkies.
    They answer to no one, don't give a damn about anything,
    and basically are there for life if they want to.
    There's no accountability.
    What has been going on in the athletic department is a travesty.
    Three coaches leave within weeks of each other, with one headed to cross town rival Carleton.
    Carleton, it seems, has its act together when it comes to alumni participation in the varsity programs.
    Ottawa U desperately needs a proactive, dynamic, go getter AD like
    Drew Love, who completely turned around the culture of Carleton athletics.
    But don't count on Ottawa U booting out a do nothing like Gelineau anytime soon.
    Hell, they don't even think this is a problem.

  5. In a sort of related note what does everyone think of Saint Francis Xavier University Women's Basketball Head coach Matt Skinn dating Cape Breton University Women's player Karmen Brown? Is this ethical for a male head coach of a women's university program to date a player on an opposing team?

  6. How's that related in any way, shape or form?

  7. I don't think it's wrong for a coach to date a player on another team...
    just as long as he doesn't french kiss her in the post game handshake line.

  8. Could we please stay on-topic?

  9. What I like to know is what are the things coaches do to raise funds for their program?
    Is there a standard accepted methodology for fundraising?
    Also, are there any universities in Canada that don't require their head coaches
    to organize fundraising initiatives?
    This whole fundraising thing is a surprise to me.
    I thought at the university level things like that were taken
    care of on the coach's behalf, but apparently not so.
    Surely, in the NCAA, they don't require big shots like Pitino and Coach K to
    do this...I thought that was the job of the boosters.

  10. There are some schools that force their coaches to fund-raise the equivalent of 1-2x their salary.

  11. Coaches having to do fundraising per se is not so much the issue however the AD's role in cultivating strong relationships with key alumni and working with coaches and university development to ensure alumni feel comfortable is what differentiates top schools fundraising efforts with those of mediocre schools. Coaches who would tell you that they don't have to fundraise still must support fundraising efforts by meeting alumni and attending events. The successful schools have an integrated effort that includes coaches, AD, admin, university development and with great schools like Mac, the President typically gets involved. The coaching exodus from Ottawa is a reluctant response to the lack of performance in that area (among other areas) by the AD and the upper admin.

    "Anonymous April 17, 2010 5:54:00 PM EDT" was rather crude and direct in his comments however unfortunately that person was extremely accurate.

  12. I read that Brad Campbell is already on record as saying he's not interested.
    Hardly surprising.
    Keith Vassell?
    Well, he resigned in frustration from a university with issues with its athletic dept...
    taking the Ottawa job would be like more of the same, wouldn't it?
    Scott Morrison or Shawn Swords?
    Can't see it.
    Morrison's got a good thing going in T-Bay while Swords is still
    cutting his teeth with the Voyageurs.
    Darrell Glenn I've been told has been itching to get a CIS job for a long time.
    Ryerson and York are no longer available so maybe Ottawa is the next best thing.
    If Ottawa opted to hire from within, Sparks would seem the most logical choice.
    He is technically a very sound coach, and he cleaned up the mess left
    behind by Carlos Brown when half the team quit on him.
    But isn't most of his coaching experience, at least at the university
    level, with the women rather the men's team?
    And as far as Mr. O'Neil is concerned I know not one blessed thing about him...
    which means he is the odds on favourite, naturally.

  13. Glenn has the best resume of anyone you just named.

    Sparks' experience is coaching women, at Ottawa, Carleton and in high school with Ashbury (three OFSAA gold medals). If he wants to go for this, fine, but in light of what he's helped engineer with the uOttawa women's team, perhaps that is a leave-well-enough-alone scenario.

  14. This may be an ignorant comment but can't the varsity teams partner with each other to raise money or can't the university hire a professional fundraiser to raise money for the varsity teams. There has to be a model within the CIS that U.Ottawa and maybe others could copy? If you look at what senior people are earning at Universitites, surely there is money for this type of need?

  15. Whoever gets hired bet on salary and compensation playing a role. The cheaper the better.

  16. What about assistant coach Trevor Steynor who has american connections with bring Josh Wright into Gee gee land. I hear he is another up in coming coach.

  17. That Josh Wright experiment went well, no wonder no one has heard of that assistant coach.

  18. Just spouting off here, I guess but IMO, having varsity coaches responsible
    for that amount of fund raising seems mickey mouse to me.
    Especially for a university the size of Ottawa.
    Putting coaches in charge of fund raising is what you expect in HS.
    Fund raising should be done by a committee or organization set up
    with that specific task in mind with the proceeds collected
    divvied up among all the programs.
    Some coaches in the CIS are tenured profs...are they also responsible for raising money?

  19. this has been going on for years under Gelineau, he runs people out if they go against him. Years ago we did put a group together to try and take some of the burden off the coach to fundraise, but the Unviversity stuck their nose in all the time and made it more than difficult to do anything.
    Gelineau should have been fired years ago!!!

  20. Agreed.
    Gelineau seems to delight in making life as difficult as possible for those under him,
    especially the coaches of the varsity programs.
    I thought the primary role of an AD is to be an enabler, not a disabler.
    I seriously doubt Gelineau can back up his claim that what goes on at Ottawa
    is status quo for most other post secondary institutions.
    Not that he's not like the media will call his bluff.
    Despite all his failings, Gelineau can hang onto his job
    for infinity if he wants, because the university's top brass is as
    clueless and incompetent as he is.
    The ones he is supposed to answer to can't even come up with the right questions.
    Who ever gets Dave's old job I will offer in advance my congratulations
    ...and condolences.

  21. What about the other potential candidates mentioned in the Citizen article.

  22. How much money are coaches suppose to raise? How about a basketball camp each summer for 3 weeks and how about a dinner before or after the season. That should garner some Ca$h. What about selling some seats near the floor? I realize it takes time but surely there are alum or volunteers to assist.

  23. Anon @ 10:41

    Every summer the Camps Gee-Gees are held for kids, with sport instruction in 8 different sports. Info is on the uOttawa web site.

    The football team will beholding a spring skill camps for pre-u players April 23 -25 and April 30-May 2, this year.

    The football team raises money via the annual Touchdown Dinner. It is sponsored by the 13th Man Alumni Association and has been going on for more than 30 years now.This year's dinner is this Friday, April 23rd, and is sold out. They also hold an annual golf tournament that raises money.

  24. uOttawa for years has been sticking it to thier varsity programs. Volunteer coaches either have to pay for parking or the money for passes comes out of the teams budget. Just Luc's way of saying thanks.

    With the summer camps only a small percentage goes back to the team, the rests sticks with Sports Services.

    Also you can question alot of staffing descisions around the department as well. This is the only university without a full-time equipment manager. Many schools will have 3 or 4 depending on the size of the school and the number of teams. Also one Therapist for the entire varsity program doesn't cut it. In 2000 they had two one that was for the entire varsity program and one who was responsible for just football. As schools add to meet increasing needs. This university continues to cut

  25. Anon @5:32

    Physiotherapy is provided by the University of Ottawa Sports Medicine and Physiotherapy Centre.It is located in the sport complex at 501 King Edward They have ateam of sport medicine doctors and therapists. it iss also a teaching center for medicl students and student therapists

    To quote from their website:

    "The athletic therapists at the University of Ottawa Sports Medicine and Physiotherapy Centre provides care for our varsity athletes. Athletic therapists specifically assist active individuals and athletes with respect to the prevention and care of athletic injuries. They provide services in the following three areas:

    Prevention: Athletic therapists employ many strategies to help active individuals avoid or minimize the possibility of injury.

    Immediate Care: Most athletic injuries require immediate care, which includes the initial injury assessment, first aid and referrals for medical care.

    Rehabilitation: The athletic therapist’s focus throughout rehabilitation is to rebuild athletes for peak performance through physical manipulations, reconditioning exercise, and other techniques"

  26. I hate to say it, because I really don't like the woman or her politics
    but Ann Coulter really was right in calling Ottawa a "bush league" university.
    It's not only the athletic dept...other aspects of university life
    suffer at Ottawa because of the admin's parsimonious ways.
    For example, Ottawa U has apparently the worst cafeteria food service among
    universities in Canada, according to a survey conducted a couple of years ago.
    Betcha that is no surprise to the students.
    The university's motto should be
    "At Ottawa U, we do things our and nasty"

  27. Just a gut feeling: there is a lot below the surface here, and anyone willing to put in the time investigating this would end up with something that captures, almost perfectly, university life and university sports these days.

  28. Are you referring to U of O specifically, or university life
    in Canada in general Rob?

  29. In general, mostly. I think the problems faced by Ottawa U (athletics and otherwise) are quite representative of universities' problems across the country. A long and interesting article is waiting to be written, is all I'm saying.

  30. I would not say the uottawa does things cheap and nasty the probleam is there to big as it is and keep growing.As for the uottawa beeing called a bush leagues don't forgetthere has been issues at u of toronto/ macmaster and mcgill as well its not a uottawa only probleam.

    To 926 am
    A fair amount of universitys are cutting funding and programs not adding it.

  31. While it is true many other universities across the country have
    their problems, a lot of Ottawa's problems are of their own making.
    Their own internal audit stated the emphasis on research is not sustainable.
    And the exploding student population has been largely unchecked.
    There are legitimate questions with regards to the leadership of the
    administration, and there is widespread dissatisfaction within the general student population.
    Again, these are the findings of their own internal report...

  32. The only reason why Dave D wasn't coaching Ryerson last year
    was because his wife balked at moving to Toronto because of her job.
    Otherwise, he would have packed his bags and said adios.
    The proximity to Montreal allows his wife to remain in Ottawa while he commutes.
    Gelineau most certainly knew what was going on but could not,
    or would not do anything about it.
    You really have to wonder if any top flight candidate from outside Ottawa
    will find this job all that enticing.

  33. Job posted

    Min salary--57,700

    Standard salary---72,200

    Max salary------79,400

  34. Another job requirement is that the candidate must be bilingual.
    Hmmmm...I wonder how "bilingual" Toronto native Dave D. was.
    I suppose he could have been bilingual...fluent in English and Portugese.
    I wonder how fluent in French was his predecessor Jack Eisenmann, or John Restivo for that matter.
    I been told that in order for English only speaking candidates
    to skirt around the bilingualism issue, they must enroll in an intensive FSL
    course and then pass an oral and written exam.
    Once these requirements are met, the candidate could well
    be as bilingual as Don Cherry for all practical purpose.
    Interesting that former McGill coach Craig Norman was an
    English only coach despite hailing from Greenfield Park, Que....
    on second thought, maybe that's not too surprising.

  35. How about Scott Meason, Kevin McGuire, Bill Crowdis, Alex Overwich?

  36. funny how the dust has settled and all those concerned have disappeared..........just like basketball in Canada