Football: Manslaughter rap for ex-Bison

It is more a news story than a sports story, even if the victim and the accused are both athletes, however it should be mentioned. Jeremy Botelho, a wide receiver and kick returner, is in deep, deep trouble:
"A source said Botelho, a former University of Manitoba Bisons receiver and highly touted football prospect who attended the Winnipeg Blue Bombers training camp last year, surrendered to police Friday and faces a manslaughter charge. The charge indicates there is no evidence of an intent to kill.

" ... Bar owner Gilbert Gauthier said (18-year-old victim Kelly) Clay was standing near the dance floor when an older, larger male sucker-punched him from behind, striking him on the side of the head.

"Clay fell and struck his head on the tiled floor, Gauthier said."
There is not much else to add other than to wonder whether a court will show leniency. Obtaining reliable witness accounts from a bar altercation might be difficult. The Crown also has to weigh whether it's worth their time to go after the accused.

Bisons coach Brian Dobie said Botelho "left the Bisons on his own accord" several weeks ago.

Not much more to add, other than to note the odd coincidence my one-time colleague Chris Kitching's beat at the Winnipeg Sun overlapped with yours truly's on my final weekend in print journalism.

Former Bison charged with Nor-Villa death (Chris Kitching, Winnipeg Sun)
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