Basketball: Former X standout faces indecent exposure charges

A somewhat disturbing story out of Nova Scotia: Former AUS all-star centre Neil MacDonald is facing seven counts of indecent exposure. It's actually the top story on the Halifax Chronicle-Herald website at this writing.
"In a recent interview, Steve Konchalski, St. Francis Xavier University’s basketball coach, said he’d heard MacDonald was in trouble and was surprised by the news.

" 'I coached Neil MacDonald for eight years. He was a fine young man, very normal in every way other than being six-foot-11 and being a very good basketball player,' Konchalski told The Chronicle Herald.

" 'But if, in fact, these allegations are true, then it is certainly totally out of character for him. When I first heard of them, I was shocked.' "
Konchalski notes that the 25-year-old MacDonald was "very much disturbed" after his mother died while he was playing in Europe. In the courts' eyes, enduring trauma or stress does not excuse any antisocial act, but a lawyer will and judge might take that into account.

Experts seem unclear on the causes of indecent exposure. The most infamous instance of it in the sports world was 1970s-vintage NFL wide receiver Lance Rentzel. (Rentzel, coincidentally enough, had depression.)

As the Chronicle-Herald notes, four current or recent X-Men players have been brought up on criminal charges in the span of barely more than a year. The Lloyd Dobler take from Say Anything ("I know that I don't know") seems appropriate with regard to what that says about the program.

It was understandable people would criticize the school after three players were brought up on assault charges. This is different. MacDonald has been out of school for a while, and while it's news since he played ball for St. FX, he's an adult. It is on him to get whatever help he needs to stay on the straight and narrow. Here is hoping that happens. Please keep any comments tasteful.

Former X-Men hoop star charged with indecent acts (Halifax Chronicle-Herald)
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  1. This sad story isn't "somewhat" disturbing, it is VERY disturbing.
    A 25 year old young man who had a stellar athletic career and from
    all appearances seemed to have everything going for him now
    faces a very uncertain future.
    Certainly his reputation has been damaged, to say nothing of the legal consequences
    including a possible criminal record.
    You can almost hear the bewilderment in Steve Konchalski's words
    as he tries to reconcile what has happened to a former player he was obviously very fond of.
    I'm sure former team mates, teachers, friends and family members
    are reeling as this story unfolds.
    Interesting you brought up the Lance Rentzel case, citing the fact he had depression.
    There seems to be every possibility MacDonald is suffering some form of depression, given
    the loss of his mother and the circumstances surrounding her death.
    Symptoms of depression can manifest themselves in a number of different ways.
    Unfortunately, anti social behaviours are some of them.
    Neil MacDonald obviously needs psychiatric help.
    I hope he gets that help and that he will be accepted in the community
    once he has finished receiving treatment.

  2. From X-Men to XXX-Man

  3. I was going to say, "Please be tasteful, or at least be funny without being cruel." You're safe with that one, I guess.

    @2:18. I only say "somewhat" since well, nothing shocks us anymore, right ... here is hoping Neil MacDonald will get help and this is put right, pending court proceedings.

    I am also glad no one has taken any pot-shots at St. FX over this.

  4. Cantankerous4/09/2010 1:46 pm

    Oh how droll anon 11;29...well done, sir.
    I guess for some people this is a laughing matter.
    It sure isn't for MacDonald.
    Nor his family, the university he once represented or his friends.
    Nor those persons who filed complaints against him for
    a serious breech of the public peace.
    But that's how we treat stories like this...just fodder
    for our amusement, like a punchline for a gag in a Jay Leno monologue.