Football: East-West Bowl rosters by school

As you know, the rosters are set for the East-West Bowl, which takes place the second Saturday in May at London's TD Waterhouse Stadium.


EAST (coached by Queen's Pat Sheahan)
  • Acadia: LB Tom Labenski, DB Michael Miller, DB Mike Rostance
  • Bishop's: RB Kyle Exumé, WR Olivier Mongeau, DT Junior Turner
  • Concordia: QB Robert Mackay, SB Liam Mahoney, OT Anthony Barrette, S Nicholas Arsenault-Hum
  • Laval: WR Julian Feoli Gudino, G Pascal Baillargeon, DE Marc-Antoine L. Fortin, S Jonathan Laliberté, K-P Christopher Milo
  • McGill: DE Courtney Bishop, DT Ben Thompson
  • Montréal: WR-KR Frank Bruno, WR Youssy Pierre, T Sébastien Taché, DT Gregory Alexandre
  • Mount Allison: C Chris Munn, LB Ben Halpern, CB Bradley Daye
  • Ottawa: QB Brad Sinopoli, WR Steve Hughes, DT Brandon Lowe
  • Queen's: WR Thomas Howes, DB Ben D'Andrea, LB Stephen Laporte
  • Sherbrooke: OL Yannick Sage, DT Steve Paquette, LB Kevin Régimbald
  • St. FX: G Stewart Walsh, LB Henoc Muamba
  • Saint Mary's: RB Craig Leger, LB Ryan King, S Jeff Hecht
  • U of T: RB Walter Cariazo, SB/WR Michael Prempeh, DB Willie Sharpe
WEST (coached by Calgary's Blake Nill)
  • Alberta: OL Thomas Fry, OL Nicholas Ternovatsky, DL Craig Gerbrandt, K-P Hugh O'Neill
  • Calgary: RB Matt Walter, SB Anthony Parker, WR Nathan Coehoorn, G Reed Alexander
  • Guelph: WR Jedd Gardner, DB Sebastian Howard, DB James Savoie
  • UBC: RB Dave Boyd, DL Serge Kaminsky, S Alex Babalos
  • Laurier: WR-KR Dillon Heap, DL Steve Cormack, CB Shane Herbert, S Scott McCahill
  • Manitoba: SB Clancy Doiron, DE Everton Black, LB Thomas Hall
  • McMaster: RB Joey Nemet, DL Steve Cecchini, DL Roberto Filice
  • Regina: QB Marc Mueller, SB Brenden Owens, WR Mark McConkey
  • Saskatchewan: QB Laurence Nixon, SB Braeden George, T-G Ben Heenan, LB Peter Thiel
  • Waterloo: WR Dustin Zender, DL Andrew Heeley, S Mitch Nicholson, DB Bashir Moallim
  • Western: WR Zach Bull, G Matt Norman, LB John Surla, CB-S Craig Butler
  • Windsor: WR Marcel Samuel, G-C Nick Cicchini, DT Seamus Postuma, S Daryl Townsend
  • York: FB Jacob Appiah, LB Steve Reading, CB Andre Clarke
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  1. The third player from York is CB Andre Clarke, not Alex Babalos.

  2. Any word if there will be any TV coverage?

  3. @5:05: Serves me right for cutting and pasting!

  4. I'm astonished York has as many players on this team as
    national champion Queen's.

  5. True ... but they do try to balance it out among schools, do they not?

    It's also for players entering their fourth season of eligibility ... 18 of Queen's 25 starters were fourth- or fifth-year.

  6. Looking that this one would think the East has the advantage having Queens, Laval, Saint Mary's and Montreal on the same side?

  7. The East has always had Queen's, Laval, St. Mary's and Montréal on its side and is still down 1-6 in the East-West Bowl! And the East won't have much of a running game (other than Sinopoli) while St. Mary's is not what they used to be... Plus the West has Western, Laurier, Calgary and Saskatchewan. Not bad. All in all, should be a good game!

  8. Apparently the game will be covered by local network RogersTV. But there are a lot of people OUTSIDE Ontario who would love to watch too!!